About the Scholarship


Successful students will study at prestigious international universities in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia or the Philippines. Scholars will undertake masters degrees by coursework. Courses typically take one to two years to complete. Scholars must complete the course within the specified time period on a full time basis. Because of the lack of available scholarships for students wanting to pursue degrees in the social sciences, APSC only focuses on supporting subjects related to:

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Development
  • Community health
  • Policy, law & administration
  • Humanities & social sciences
  • Media and social work

What the scholarship covers

Our fully funded masters scholarship covers:

  • Tuition
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Books
  • Funding for thesis research
  • An annual conference
  • Other special opportunities.

Research and Internships

Successful students will be eligible to apply for an APSC Research Grant to conduct master’s research in their home countries, under the guidance of a university advisor. Also, APSC graduates may apply for the APSC Internship Program. Interns will be placed in organizations and institutions within the Southeast Asia region for a period of 1-6 months, so as to further develop skills acquired during formal degree study.

Award Structure

APSC is a full scholarship program, so successful applicants will not be required to contribute any of their own money. The following costs will be fully covered at a basic level under the award:

  • Academic tuition and mandatory fees for the duration of the course, including examination and thesis costs.
  • A monthly stipend for room and board, and living expenses sufficient for a single student. (There will be no support for students’ families.)
  • Basic medical insurance for the duration of study.
  • Support for educational supplies and materials.
  • Transport for the student to travel one time from their home to the campus and to return at the end of the program.
  • All costs related to securing and maintaining a student visa for the duration of study.
  • Professional development fund available to cover support for academic development such as computer, attendance of academic conferences or subscription to journals.
  • Full support to attend the annual APSC Student Conference for one weekend each year.
  • Research and internship funding will be available on a competitive basis for students who wish to undertake thesis research in their home country or work as interns in a different country.